Northwest Health Offers Interpreter Services

12 Feb

Northwest Health offers Interpreter Services for patients facing language or communication barriers during doctor's appointments. These services cater to individuals with a non-English speaking background or those with speaking or hearing impairments. Northwest Health understands the importance of effective communication in healthcare and strives to ensure that every patient receives the care they need, regardless of language or communication challenges.

Language Support

Northwest Health's Interpreter Services cover a wide range of languages to meet the diverse needs of the community. Interpreters are here to facilitate clear communication between the patient and healthcare provider.

Accessibility for Hearing or Speaking Impaired

For patients with hearing impairments, Northwest Health can provide sign language interpreters to facilitate effective communication during doctor's appointments. Our commitment to accessibility ensures that every patient, regardless of their communication needs, can fully participate in their healthcare discussions.

Patients interested in availing Northwest Health's Interpreter Services can simply inform our staff of their language or communication needs when scheduling their doctor's appointment. Our team will ensure that the appropriate interpreter is available for the scheduled visit.